Vision & Values

  • Our school is committed to real world learning opportunities that ignite students’ passions.

  • Learners are engaged in collaborative, self-directed learning where teachers act as facilitators.

  • Our teachers ‘really’ know our children, how they learn best and what steers their engagement; our children will know they are known!

  • There is strong collaboration with other schools and our wider community. We will draw career opportunities into all aspects of the curriculum to ensure children have the highest of aspirations.

  • We research and use new pedagogies and tools to liberate learning from past conventions to connect learners in new and powerful ways.

  • Children will be loved and nurtured and will demonstrate excellent rates of progress and academic achievement.

School Uniform orders


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Term Dates 2021/22

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Our School


  • Stephenson Memorial Primary School was built in 1998 and further extended in 2000 to accommodate a two form entry from Nursery to Year Six. It is a modern, well resourced school, and the building comprises of: 

  • 15 generously appointed classrooms

  • fully wifi access and networked wireless ICT devices for pupil use

  • a new library

  • two large halls/gymnasium

  • spacious grounds

  • outdoor areas are constantly being developed to create stimulating learning experiences throughout the school 

  • Early Years and Foundation Stage have a self–contained outdoor classroom, where children access a variety of real life experiences including tending to our chickens.

  • One to one iPad deployment over keystage 2

  • 2 Yurts

  • 2 Year old provision 

School Collaboration


Wallsend Partnership of Schools:

Thirteen local schools working together to improve the education achievements of our children.

Churchill Family of Schools:

We work extremely close with our feeder secondary school with transition programmes beginning as early as Year Two. 


We are a foundation school part of the North Tyneside Learning Trust.

Our Head Teacher is currently executive head of two schools, in which both schools work collaboratively.


General Details


We are a two form entry Primary School. Our Early Life provision currently has 32 places and our Nursery class has 30 places available in the morning and afternoon. There are 60 places available in each year group.


Boys and girls begin our Primary School during the academic year in which they are five. There are seven year groups, as shown below:




Early Life          (EY)       2 to 3 years of age

Nursery            (N)       3 to 4 years of age      

Reception         (R)        4 to 5 years of age


Key Stage One


Year One          (Y1)      5 to 6 years of age

Year Two          (Y2)      6 to 7 years of age


Key Stage Two


Year Three       (Y3)      7 to 8 years of age

Year Four        (Y4)      8 to 9 years of age

Year Five         (Y5)      9 to 10 years of age

Year Six          (Y6)      10 to 11 years of age